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The New Hope Village
Shelpachy Village

New Hope Village in March 2006



The New Hope Village is an outstanding example of a Christian humanitarian mercy center. It consists of an elder hostel, a distribution point for humanitarian aid and services, and an emergency shelter for poor families and other challenged peoples.




The New Hope Village will soon become home to one of Ukraine's first "foster family" projects. This exciting project opens this August and is a partnership between the Ukrainian government and Saluda-Ternopil that seeks to alter the traditional system of large and unfriendly government orphanages in favor of more traditional family structures.





Re-construction was completed on the buildings that allowed us to become even more involved as a center for village life, from "movie night", a free computer lab and business center, to a new sport field, our goal was to become a model for Christian-based groups to integrate themselves into the community in a manner that promotes Christian and wholesome lifestyles. As envisioned, the remodeled New Hope Village was presented to thee regional government for their continued use. Our partnership was a meaningful one that led to the betterment of the lives of not only the Souson Betzer, but also the staff, the surrounding village and the contractor of the project. We wish our former partners continued success with the New Hope Village.




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