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Our work in Ukraine has been blessed beyond our imagination.

Our mission there is 17 years old, and has grown from a partnership with a small missionary group to a stand alone Ukrainian organization (the Saluda-Ternopil Charitable Foundation) that is organized and administered by Ukrainians, for the good of Ukrainians.

The foundation has been recognized by the village, city, state and national governments as one of the finest charitable groups in Ukraine. The U.S. government has even honored us with a Peace Corps volunteer.


Food Pantry Sophia
Saluda-Ternopil administers the largest and most productive food pantry in the city of Ternopil, with its supplies being directed to a socially unprotected class of citizens: the children of the poor.

We assist these children and their families not only with food items (including milk) hygienic items and humanitarian aid, but also with legal and governmental assistance as well. We are very pleased to be a leading force in judicial victories protecting the rights of poor parents and children.


Cerebral palsy child with mother



Saluda-Ternopil continues to be active in funding Ukrainian church groups, hospitals and medical clinics, orphans and with individual grants to the poor and needy.





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